Welcome to My New Website

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WEBB, S 28.11.08 0086

This month is a busy one for me, with two new books out: Ask Amy Green: Love and Other Drama-ramas and Sally Go Round the Stars, a nursery rhyme collection. I'm also involved in the Dun Laoghaire Mountains to Sea Book Festival (I'm the Children's Programmer), which is hard work but a lot of fun. And I’m also launching this lovely new website. So in true book form, here are my acknowledgements:

Thanks are due to Lisa Haran who designed the site and put up with all my daft questions! She has the patience of a saint and is wonderfully talented to boot – a great combination for a website designer. If you’re interested in hiring Lisa (which I’d highly recommend) you can find her here. Because of Lisa, I can do that clever link thing!

I’d love some feedback on the new site, so do comment below or Facebook me on my new Sarah Webb page - see, did the clever link thing again. OK, I’ll stop slapping myself on the back now. But you have no idea how exciting these things are to a computer muppet like me.

Thanks are also due to the wonderful Sarah Conroy who also did lots of clever teckie things to get the site up and running.

And to Ben, for endless ‘Which looks better, the pink type or the bold?’ questions. He also has the patience of a saint.

So to the website itself. It’s a Wordpress site, which means I can sneak in behind the pages and change things to my heart’s content. So expect lots and lots of updates, photos, blog entries, author interviews and You Tube clips. The media box on the home page will be added to over time – another clever feature. It currently has a pic of me and my latest book and an Ask Amy Green video clip.

I’ll be continuing my Yours in Writing blog, telling you all about my writing life. So please do stay tuned. Next week I’ll write about what happens once your book hits the shelves, plus what every writer could learn from Darren Shan.

The next newsletter will go out in December, so do join the mailing list for that also on the home page. As always, thanks for reading and I do hope you enjoy the new site!

Yours in Writing, Sarah XXX