Three Times a lady

Meet three very different women:

Sally Hunter is back from the Caribbean where she’s been working on a luxury yacht. She eats men for breakfast and now she has a certain man in mind. Eve Arnold chose career over love many years ago. Is it now time to turn back the clock?

And Ashling McKenna, journalist and devoted single mum, has been disappointed by love, time and time again. The only man she trusts lives hundreds of miles away in Boston . . .

Three women with one thing in common: a man called Mark Mulhearne. And now Mark’s back for a certain school reunion. And maybe, just maybe he can be persuaded to stay for good.

But three into one won’t go - or will it?

Background to the Book (Website Exclusive)

This was my very first adult novel, written in 1999 and published in 2000. It's dedicated to my eldest son, Sam. I was a single mum for many years, like Ashling in the book, and Sam gave me the drive and the determination to write in the first place. I owe a lot to Sam, who is now in his late teens.

There's a quote by Seneca in the opening pages:

'It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.'

Writing this book was one of the most exciting and terrifying things I've ever done - I'd never written a novel before but I believed that I could do it so I gave it a go. More than ten years on, I'm still learning every day!


The pacy story and credible characters in this debut should put Sarah Webb's name on the bestseller lists.

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