My Mentoring Work 

Talking about writing with one of my heroes, Judy Blume

Talking about writing with one of my heroes, Judy Blume

Due to writing commitments I am not currently taking on any new mentoring work at present. (2019)

I mentor new and emerging children's writers. This takes the format of a one to one meeting (or a series of meetings) where we discuss your manuscript and all aspects of your writing. The process is tailored to meet YOUR particular needs - some writers need help with rewriting and editing, others need advice on agents and publishers - every writer is different so every mentoring session is different. Contact me for details. 

I am delighted to say that one of the writers I worked with recently, Lucinda Jacob is having her book published in 2017 with Little Island. I look forward to attending her launch and celebrating with her!

Sarah is a terrific mentor. She guided me and my latest book, Hopscotch in the Sky, from idea to publisher and her insight, experience and knowledge of the business proved invaluable every step of the way. Lucinda Jacob

I also mentor for the Irish Writers Centre