Romcom Cliches and Why They Work

A few weeks back I posted some YA clichés, this time it’s the turn of the rom-coms. This goes for books mainly, but also movies. Please feel free to add some of your own in the comment box! Some romantic comedy conventions:

1/ A chase – especially an airport chase. 2/ The ‘cute meet’ – the main characters meeting somewhere sweet – pet shop, zoo etc etc 3/ boyfriend/hubby going off with a best friend/sister – a la In Her Shoes 4/ Arguments in restaurants or other very public places (so much more interesting than arguments in private!) 5/ Girls who work in publishing/bookshops/magazines 6/ Girls who are florists, event managers, wedding planners, cooks/bakers 7/ The Mr Darcy syndrome – hate turning to love 8/ The gay best friend – more in movies than books funnily enough 9/ The quirky best friend (often with red/pink/bleached hair) 10/ Meeting while walking dogs – see no 2 11/ Interrupted conversations/kisses 12/ Guys who are doctors or lawyers 13/ Ugly duckling turned into swan girls 14/ Mean girls who get their comeuppance 14/ Embarrassing/whacky families 15/ Awkward heroines – Bella Swan syndrome 16/ Cinderella stories – tough past, rosy future 17/ Boy next door love stories 18/ Geeky boys who grow up to be Love Gods

Now I’ve used many of the above – Chases – naturally Cute meets – certainly Public arguments – hell yes! And more besides.

Sometimes clichés are clichés for a reason – they are used time and time again because they work. But I do try to give my rom-com conventions a twist to make them original. And none of my leading men to date have been doctors or lawyers – the latest is an animator. Are you making the rom com conventions your own?

Yours in writing,

Sarah XXX