The Mind of a 7 Year Old

Quick one today as I’m supposed to be writing my new Ask Amy Green book - book 4 - Party Drama-rama. I was flicking through my daughter’s school workbook this morning – Window on the World Activity Book B. She’s in Senior Infants and she’s just 7.

The book is fun, colourful and relevant. But the writer in me instantly thought how useful books like this are for finding ideas and stories to interest this early reading age group.

In the pages she had drawn things from her own life and things that interest her. Her favourite toy for example is her Nintendo DS. Computers are a big part of her life – lots of pics of those! (Draw things that need electricity). And boats. Lots and lots of boats! (Draw things from your summer holiday).

It’s a fascinating insight into her world – the things she likes, the colours she uses, the way she sees everything around her.

What a great way for a writer to get into the mind of a 7 year old. Grab your child’s (or rob your niece or nephews') workbook today and look, really look at what she or he is drawing and writing about. You may be surprised. I certainly was!

Yours in writing,

Sarah X