Anything for Love

Alice Devine needs a well-paid job and fast, or else she and her toddler, Adam, will end up living with her sister again. At 29 she’s still waiting (and waiting!) to meet the man of her dreams. When she lands the position of assistant fund-raiser at St Jude’s Maternity Hospital – and meets her gorgeous but enigmatic new boss, Jack Wiseheart - she’s over the moon. However, she hadn’t banked on being general dogsbody to the terrifying chair of the hospital’s fundraising committee, wealthy socialite, Maud Hamilton-O’Connor, and Maud’s super-strange side-kick, Koo Ryder. Nothing is what it seems, however, and it’s not only the women who have their secrets. Soon the cracks start to appear. And when everything Maud holds dear is threatened, it’s up to Alice to show her how to fight for what she truly believes in.

Background to the Book (Website Exclusive)

This book had many other titles before we (my editor and I) settled on Anything for Love. It started off life as Taking on the Charity Queens. But my editor wasn’t sure that everyone in the UK would understand the term Charity Queen. (See below for more on this) Other titles we tried were: As She Likes It – terrible, terrible! What a Girl Wants – OK What Every Girl Wants – again, terrible! All That She Wants – better, but not great As You Wish – boring and says nothing about the book A Piece of Me – again not great Her Girl Friday – I liked this one a lot but it didn’t make the cut All for Love – getting better Anything for You – almost right Anything for Love – perfect! Titles are difficult. Sometimes they come so easily, like Always the Bridesmaid or Take a Chance, but other times it’s like pulling teeth.

The Real Charity Queens Anything for Love is set in the world of charity fund raising. There are thousands of women all over Ireland and the UK that do tireless voluntary work for various hospitals and other charities, and they aren’t a bit like my rather mad ‘Charity Queens’, Maud and Koo. My own Mum, Melissa Webb has been working as a volunteer for The National Children’s Hospital and the Rotunda Hospital for over thirty years now. A few years ago she was awarded an Honourary Doctorate for all her work (along with Robert Redford, and yes, she met him, swoon!) and we’re all very proud of her. At last, we have a Doctor in the family!


Sarah Webb’s latest novel is a delight. Anything for Love is a romantic comedy, a fun read filled with zany characters who will warm your heart. Irish Examiner Sarah Webb has delivered another solid story with a fantastic feel-good factor! RTE Guide

Anything for Love is a smartly written and well-driven boy meets girl story. Irish Independent