My Books (for Adults)

I have written eleven novels for adults to date and lots of children’s books. My most recent title is The Memory Box. The full list of my novels with their first date of publication is below. For my Songbird Cafe Girls series (age 9+), Ask Amy Green series (age 10+), and books for younger readers, check out the Children’s Books section.

Click on a book’s title in the navigation bar to the left to find out more about that particular book, including some exclusive background information. Want to know if any of the characters are based on real people, that’s the place to look!

My Books

  • Three Times a Lady  2000
  • Always the Bridesmaid  2001
  • Something to Talk About  2002
  • Some Kind of Wonderful  2003
  • It Had to Be You  2004
  • Take a Chance  2005
  • When the Boys are Away  2007
  • Anything for Love  2009
  • The Loving Kind  2010
  • The Shoestring Club  2012
  • The Memory Box 2013

Short Novel

  • Behind Closed Doors  2005 – Open Door series

Non Fiction Collections

  • Travelling Light  2004 -  (Editor)
  • Mum’s the Word  2007 -  (Editor)